Gabriel Hartley | Andrea Medjesi-Jones | Sam Windett

12 June - 4 July 2015

Slide presents three artists who engage with processes of layering and obscuring, and at moments revealing the origins of their works' making. They each share an approach to painting that could be described using the Dutch word lossigheydt, which roughly translated refers to a style of behaviour that is artfully effortless and has historically been used to describe the looseness of painted marks.

Gabriel Hartley’s work is characterised by bold brushstrokes and heavy impasto surfaces. Through the process of making, the paintings' surfaces are scratched, scraped, hosed away and layered with spray paint.

In Andrea Medjesi-Jones’ paintings, thin bleeds of paint saturate the canvas while the very structure of the material is called into play through the pulling and releasing of threads. The addition of ‘beards’ acts both to emphasise and obscure the nature of the surfaces.

Sam Windett collages newspapers and magazines onto his paintings. The particularity of the publications locate the individual works in place and time and allow for a physical means of excavating the painting’s history, through tearing into the surface.


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